SUMMER DREAMS 22.6.- 19.8.2015 Kankaisten Farm, Kankaisten kylätie 58 13270 Hämeenlinna

The summer exhibition containing atmosphere was conceived to paint the summer, painting my topic usually revolve summer, although it is short, we, perhaps that is why. I like to light and shade, light is the most important thing to me in my paintings. The exhibition has three raspberry-painting, two model has been Kankaisten the status of your own raspberries, paintings are Raspberry Shrub and Raspberries.

The exhibition also features three new nasturtium (Cress) series of painted works of art. Nasturtium series I have been painting since 2014. I finished in Nasturtium Part 2 of a US Boldbrush painting competition, the second in September 2014. The new plant dahlias is already dead after the first frost, the leaves have changed, I noticed a bluish color that inspired me. Botanical paintings of interest to the rapid life cycle, the beginning and the end, which we have in Finland is reflected in a few months.

This summer, my paintings will also be seen in Brazil, Penedo Art Festival 07/07/2015 - 30/06/2016. and Gallery Foggassa 27.6. - 16.7.2015 Helsinki.

Farm of Kankainen,Hämeenlinna. summer 2015. Solo Exhibition.