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Red currant, 2013. Oil on canvas 110x60cm.

On the edge of the ditch, oil on canvas 70x86cm, 2013.

Kaarina,2013. Pencil 65x50cm.

Albert Einstein,2013.Pencil 42x30cm. 

October.2013.Oil on canvas 50x66cm. 

 A wild girl. Pencil 2013 42x30cm

Rapola, 2013. Oil on canvas 40 x 73cm 

After the Rain, 2013. Oil on canvas 40x50 cm.

 Alfred Hitchcock,2013. Pencil 40x32cm.  

 And the sky is so blue, 2013. Oil on canvas 24x48cm. Sold

 Apple Tree, oil on canvas 77x90 cm. Sold

 Sketch. Emma, pencil A3.2013. 

 Birch and sky,pencil.2013. 

 Bush Tomato. Part 1, 2013. Oil on canvas 50x53cm. Sold

 Bush Tomato. Part II, 2012. Oil on canvas 50x58cm

 Charles Chaplin.2012.Pencil 42x30cm. 

 Dog tube,2013.Oil on canvas 70x52cm. Sold

Emma,2013.Color chalk 50 x65cm. Not for sale

Felled, 2013. Oil on canvas 80x80cm.

 Geranium, 2013. Oil on canvas 36x40cm. Sold

Geranium, 2013. Oil on canvas 45x24cm.

 Girl and strawberry. Oil on canvas 90x106cm,2013. Sold

 Girl in a meadow,2013. Oil on canvas 110x70cm. Sold

 Jack Nicholson, 2013.Pencil 42x30cm

Joey Ramones,2013.Pencil 30x38cm. Sold

Johnny Depp, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.Pencil 42x30cm.

Lemmy Kilmister, 2013.Pencil 30x40cm. Sold

Look to the future.2013.

Malcolm McDowell. 2013.A Clockwork Orangea.

Nasturtium. 2013. Carbon on litoposter 70x53cm. 

On the path, 2013. Oil on canvas 120x55cm. Sold

Rauli, 2013.Color chalk 65 x 50cm. Sold

Red cloth and geranium, 2013. Oil on canvas 80x110cm.

Red dress. Oil on canvas 90x35cm, 2012.

Rubus idaeus. Osa I, 2012-2014.Öljy kankaalle 55 x 80cm.

Rubus idaeus. Part II, 2012. Oil on canvas 81x100cm Sold

Sketch. Emma, pencil A3.2013

Spede Pasanen, 2013. Pencil 40x32cm. 

The President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, 2013.
 Pencil 38x26cm.

Tomatos, mixed media.

Towards autumn, part I, 2013. Oil on canvas, 79x52 cm. Sold

 Towards autumn, part I, 2013. Oil on canvas, 79x52 cm. Sold

Towards the autumn, Part II, 2013. Oil on canvas 78x52cm Sold

Towards the autumn, Part III, 2013. Oil on canvas 78x52.cm Sold

Tykky.2012. Oil on canvas 100x130cm. Sold

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