On the path, part2. Oil on canvas 120x68cm. 2017

Apocalyptic,part2. Oil on canvas 120x160cm

Nasturtium part 12. oil on canvas 40x72cm

Vanajavesi beach, oil on canvas 56x60cm

Forest edge, oil on canvas 30x30cm.2017

Summer sounds, Oil on canvas 30x40cm.2017

Oil on canvas 60x42cm.2017

Oil on canvas 60x60cm.2017

Apocalyptic,Part 1.Oil on canvas 120x160cm 

Wintry ditch edge, part1, oil on canvas 75x75cm.2017

Wintry ditch edge, part2oil on canvas 75x50cm.2017

Wintry ditch edge, part3, oil on canvas 75x85cm.2017

Wintry ditch edge. sketch painting, oil on panel 24x26cm.2017

Cold winter day,part 1. oil on panel 37x26cm.2017

Cold winter day,part 2. oil on panel 37x26cm.2017

Cold winter day,part 3, oil on panel 37x26cm.2017

Summer play, oil on canvas 85x80cm, 2017

Onshore. 2017. Oil on canvas 57x80cm.Sold

Chapter moment, 2017. Oil on cancas 50x66cm

Katja and Aksu,2017. Oil on canvas 50x57cm.Sold

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