Summer sounds, oil on canvas 30x40cm.2017

Summer play 85x80cm,2017

Chapter moment, 2017. Oil on cancas 50x66cm

Girl in a meadow,2013. Oil on canvas 110x70cm. Sold

Onshore. 2017. Oil on canvas 57x80cm

Summer flavours,2015. oil on canvas 78 x 74cm
Seeker. 2015. Oil on canvas 75 x 80cm

The European Arto Aniluoto, 2016. Oil on canvas 50x35cm.Sold
A quiet moment. Oil on canvas 80x120cm.2010
Beautiful world,2014.Oil on canvas 120x69cm.
In the summer. Oil on canvas 100x124cm, 2005.
Summer day in Vääsky, Oil on canvas 130x75cm. 2011
Pensive girl. Oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm, 2005

Princess. Oil on canvas 150x66cm. 2011

Red dress. Oil on canvas 90x35cm, 2012
Susanna, Oil on canvas 73 x 66cm. 2015,Sold
 Girl and strawberry. Oil on canvas 90x106cm,2013. Sold

The President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, 2013.
Pencil 38x26cm.

Emma, Color chalk 50 x65cm. 2013
Rauli, .Color chalk 65 x 50cm. 2013. Sold